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Bio: When you need to get to work, try the Woven Mesh Back Armless Drafting Chair. For seated comfort, this drafting chair has a padded backrest and seat upholstered in black faux leather. Its pneumatic height-adjust seat also swivels and the integrated footrest ring also adjusts. This drafting chair sits on a black nylon base with heavy-duty casters for easy mobility.
• Product Type: Drafting Chair
• Pneumatic Height Adjustment
• Heavy Duty Chrome base
• Upholstered in black faux leather seat
Features Woven Mesh Back Armless Drafting Chair
Brand JK
Age Group Adult
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) D24x W24.75x H 45~55 Inches
Color Black
Maximum Weight 250pounds
Legs Finish Black nylon
Cushion Fabric Vinyl
Model JKM0206Stool Made in China
Sex: Undisclosed